The 2 Things That Keep You Stuck (And Course that Will Help You Overcome Them)

FearThis year has been the most wild and crazy ride!

I’ve been so blessed to have helped so many people get time back into their lives to… open new businesses, pivot into new careers, rekindle important relationships, drop over 625 pounds (collectively), recover from cancer, start traveling… even have babies!

And as I celebrated all of these amazing shifts my clients were creating for themselves, it occurred to me that I… yes, me… had gotten a little side-tracked in where I wanted to be with my mission right now.

Ya, see…

Last December, I set out to help 1,000 people get 10-15 hours back every week so they could focus on the important things in life. That meant I had to push myself to get my biz online, start a conversation and light some fires under people (which I’m proud to say I’ve done).

This goal of helping sooo many people all at once ALSO meant I had to take a MASSIVE step outside of myself… to do more… and create a digital program.

But I got stuck… distracted… *cough* even overwhelmed.

And when November rolled around and I realized that 11 months just whizzed by….

I started to panic.

I teach people that stress and overwhelm are natural protective human responses, and there should be no expectations that they will disappear overnight (or even for good).

But you can’t let these two emotions stop you from what you really want to do.

These feelings, as much as we want to avoid them aren’t necessarily bad. We just have to know how to deal… and there are two ways to deal… practically and energetically.

Energetically, stress and overwhelm manifest as being scattered, unfocused, frantic… even panicked (oooh buddy that was me!).

But I had to really think what was holding me back?

These emotions are only a distraction from keeping you from facing the real elephant in the room…


Fear is two head crazy monster and comes in the form of fear of failure and fear of success.

Fear of failure sounds like – “What if I can’t find time to…? What if I get behind…? What if I do everything and it doesn’t work…? The time isn’t right… I wish I could, but…”

Fear of success sounds like – “What if I achieve my goal, what will people expect of me? What if I see success, but backslide later on, who will I be?  What will I do next?”

These fears… these “what ifs” are completely natural… It’s how we handle them that make all of the difference.

When we feel scattered and have the “what if” moments, it’s because we’ve forgotten what needs to get done next to keep us moving forward. It’s actually in these “what if” moments, that the biggest growth and shift could happen for you.

And I realized…

I was suffering from a real fear or success… *gulp* There, I finally said it.

So, I got fired up… And I gave myself a HUGE DOSE of my own lessons.

My mission: 1000 people well on their way to learning the strategy to get back 10-15 hours each week for themselves and their loved ones…by January!

It all starts with the first step:)  So I went to work like a mad woman  on The Making Your Shi(f)t Happen 30 Day eCourse. When I got near the end of writing, I put it out there to my colleagues and asked their honest feedback.

The response was an resounding “YES!”

Drum role please!

I’m happy to announce this course is open December and January for FREE (yep! Free!). Grab your spot by clicking here.

It is my mission to help you create your best year yet!

In this course, I’ll show you how to do just that AND give that fear monster a little kick in the “grass”.  To find those lost hours in your week (we all have them!), and reclaim those hours to focus on the areas of your life that matter most: your health, your relationships, your career and your personal growth.

Don’t delay! Grab your spot here. See you on the flip side.

I’m baaaack… And I’m on a mission!

Life’s short. So, make shi(f)t happen!

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About The Author


Whitney, author of the forthcoming book "Making Your Shi(f)t Happen: A 6 week bootcamp to prioritize, organize, and simplify your life", helps professionals get waaaay more done in far less time (with far less stress), so they can get back to the important things in life. She is a wife, mom and lifestyle strategist. Grab her FREE videos here.