Hi, I'm Whitney Hutten

My goal is helping you get back hours of your time every week so you can reclaim your work-life balance.

I have a proven system that helps you to work smarter, reclaim your balance and revive your personal life, all while eliminating the excuses, time sucks, fires and shiny objects that demand your attention, divert your focus and drain your energy.

I have the tools and strategies that you need

My proven system helps make time management and work-life balance something more than a hollow buzz-words.

Traditional time management tends to ignore what the individual wants and needs on the most basic level.

You've tried fixing the problem with to-do lists, calendars, organizational tools, planners and maybe even self-help books about time management.  But staying organized is hard. You've tried getting up earlier or staying up late to fit everything in, only to discover that sleep deprivation doesn’t help anything.

Maybe you’ve even hired help for mundane tasks like cleaning and laundry, but that was costly and made you feel guilty about paying someone else to care for your family.

Despite your best efforts, at the end of the day you feel frustrated, exhausted and completely out of touch with those around you.

The solution isn't what what you think.

It's not about the next best calendar, task list, app, add-on, notepad, timer, virtual assistant, or housekeeper etc.

The "solution" isn't about time management at all... 

In the past, I struggled with focusing on “what is next or what’s to come”, it was so hard for me to enjoy life in the moment… Whitney helped me prioritize what is truly important, free up time for me, allowing me to run my business & live life on my terms.

Jamie G.
Graphic Designer, Softball Consultant, Golden, CO

I'm here to help you...

  • Know the pitfalls and roadblocks that are keeping you distracted and drained

  • Get the right tools and habits in place and put an end to feeling overwhelmed

  • Have a system to take care of your priorities and yourself and feel in control

  • Leverage your most precious resources and get back to living life

Simply put...  I'll teach you to get life simplified, organized, prioritized and finally get what you deserve.

I believe you deserve to...

Feel empowered, organized and in control.
Enjoy quality time with loved ones consistently.
Breathe, relax and enjoy your life.
Be more energized.
Kick overwhelm, stress and anxiety to the curb.
Focus on making your dreams a reality.
Be your more spontaneous and playful self.

Some might say "have your cake and eat too!"

I’ll show you the exact strategies that I use daily and with my clients to get the results you want.

There are 24 hours in a day. How will you choose to spend yours?

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I know it can be super difficult to figure all of this out...


While growing your career, raising your family or running your business.

As a productivity expert, I'll help you stop making the excuses we all make (aka. "I don't have time to..."), eliminate "shiny object syndrome" and move past the feeling of being stuck. I'll help you work smarter rather than harder toward the results you want.

I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what you are struggling with and I know how to help you manage your time and balance your life. 

Let me help you with my proven system to get a grip on balancing your life.

Not only is it important for you, it is also sooo important because your little ones are watching you, looking up to you, and learning about self-worth from you.

With me, you are getting the best of the best. I am a...

  • PhD in Nutrition and a Masters in Public Health
  • Certified Elite Life Coach
  • NFPT Certified Personal Trainer at the Master level
  • ANCB Certified Traditional Naturopath
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner
  • Wife, mom, professional, business owner and fun-lover

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Professional Bio

Whitney Hutten is ruling her consulting practice as a time management coach and productivity strategist. She is redefining what’s possible as a career professional, wife, mom, and CEO of a thriving business.

The self-proclaimed queen of productivity graduated with a PhD in Nutrition, Masters in Public Health, and is certified as an Elite Life Coach, personal trainer and traditional naturopath.  She held key-management roles in top government agencies by age of 23, and started a family, launched her first business, and circumnavigated the globe (twice!) by the age of 32.

Quickly turning her experience over the last 10 years in business management and performance improvement into a profitable coaching and consulting business, she has helped busy professionals across the globe ditch ineffectiveness and leverage a new type of time management system to conquer the daily grind, regain their work-life balance and revitalize their personal lives.

Coaching and consulting professionals on the topics of time management strategy, habit formation and performance improvement, she understands what robs professionals of their time, energy, and focus and uses tools to inspire people to leverage their time and live organized, empowered and in control.

More fun facts about me:

  • I am a business training and development professional for a national integrative pharmacy and have founded several wellness and fitness consulting practices.
  • I am a contributor to Coach.me, Founding Moms Exchange and Kinsights just to name a few.
  • I am the wife of an amazing home-brewer and mother of a rambunctious toddler.
  • I lived out of a backpack traveling through China, Thailand and Cambodia and honeymooned out of a jeep in Ecuador and a tent in Peru.

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