When life throws curve balls: How to ditch stress and get back on track in 2 simple steps

Copy of 3 HACKS TO PRODUCTIVITYWe focus quite a bit on the execution… on the “should do’s” and “how to’s” to create shifts in your life that reap BIG rewards.

But there will come a time “when Hang-ups and Bang-ups will happen to you” (to borrow a line from the late Dr. Seuss).

A time when life will throw the unexpected curve ball, your focus falters or you plain just lose motivation.

What I’m about to share with you is the REAL difference… the REAL reason why some people seem to be able to accomplish anything before them… to get ahead even when the shit is hitting the fan… and get right back on track without ever losing a beat.

And this is my favorite of what I train.

I planned the perfect day… and then the phone rang…

Daycare called.  It was 11am and I saw the phone number pop up… my head dropped.  In an instant, I knew my perfectly planned (packed as hell) day was about to be seriously derailed.

Why today?

My two-year old was getting sent home because another kid bit her and she needed to go to the doctor.


This was my child we were talking about and I knew exactly where my priorities stood.

Without missing a beat, I pulled up my calendar to see what meetings I would have to cancel or postpone and what things just wouldn’t get done… today.

This was just a brief reminder that life isn’t all peaches and cream.  Life throws curve balls.

Despite the hurdle I was facing, in the back of my mind, I knew I could walk away from my day and still call it a success for two simple reasons.  One, cuz I had tackled my 2 Before 10.

Two, cuz I knew the simple secret to bust through any obstacle… and I would be right back on track quickly.

Hold a weekly meeting with yourself

Much like a scientist would.  A scientist creates a plan, tests it, gathers information on positive results, and even more information on negative results.

When you look at your week like a science experiment, you get to objectively examine what is working, what isn’t and what needs to change to get you to where you want to be.

It is also useful to call an emergency meeting with yourself when you face an obstacle (which is what I knew I needed to do).

Here’s is a simple 2 step process to hold a weekly meeting to bust through any obstacle.  Take 10 minutes a week and ask yourself these four simple questions.

    1. What went well for me (this week)? Focus on the positive things because it is so easy to get hung up on the negative actions. Celebrate that you are making progress, no matter how big or small.
    2. Think about what could have gone better. If you dwell on the negatives you will get stuck in the loop that will never end… like an endless bitch session with your self. So, think of the “negative” in this context.


  • What do you need to stop doing in order to get X?
  • What could you start doing in order to get X?
  • What are you doing well that you should continue that is helping you get X?


When a science experiment “fails” the scientist doesn’t dwell on why it failed. The scientist seeks to understand what variable can affect to yield the result they want.

In life, these questions will help you shift from focusing on why something did (or did not) happen and move you to think in terms about what you can control to change and keep moving towards the results that you want.

Summing it up:

Despite the circumstances today, I celebrated having some awesome mother-daughter time (post-doctor). Thinking back, I needed to stop and let go of my frustration that some other kid bit mine (cuz kids get hurt in the weirdest of ways) and start celebrating that I had ticked off my 2 Before 10 items before the phone rang… a habit that I plan on continuing as it allows me some wiggle room when the shit starts hitting the fan.

Asking yourself these four simple questions can help you to adapt to situations, deal with obstacles, and evolve.  Having a weekly meeting with yourself can make a big impact in the way you think about things by getting you out of your own head and always moving forward when life throws you a curve ball.

Life’s short.  So, make shi(f)t happen!


PS. Know someone who could use a some help dealing with life’s curve balls?  Send them this post.  

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