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Whether you have a specific goal or trying to get your life more organized, THE biggest benefit of Whitney's Making Your Shi(f)t Happen System is having a simple (and effective) system that can help get your business & life in order… You will be mindful of where you are spending your most precious asset – Time.

Kirsty B.
Kirsty B. Mom to four, Owner Bonjour Quilts, Brisbane, Australia

In the past, I struggled with focusing on “what is next or what’s to come”, it was so hard for me to enjoy life in the moment… Once I realized I had a problem with this I began focusing my energy on shifting my way of thinking to live within present time but visualize about the future and what I want it to look like. Whitney helped me prioritize what is truly important, free up time for me, allowing me to run my business & live life on my terms.

Jamie G.
Jamie G. Graphic Designer, Softball Consultant, Golden, CO

Whitney helped me realize what business and life areas needed my attention. She was able to target very specific areas in my business that I was scared about, helping me sort out my irrational thoughts and take realistic and actionable steps. She help me realize that I was going down a path that I wasn’t going to be satisfied with, and to re-shape how and who I built my business for... save me money as well as hours of frustration and headaches.

Max T.
Max T. Entrepreneur & Business Coach, CA

Whitney helped guide me in defining my values and doing my best to align my priorities and business with those values. She helped me get back lost time and taught me to encourage myself with goals, systems & strategy reviews…. balancing big picture with the small details of life.

Josh M.
Josh M. Web Designer & Entrepreneur, Houston, TX

Being a mother for the first time is FUN… and intimidating… and downright overwhelming, especially when you have a career and are starting a business. Whitney, and the system she teaches, have been instrumental in helping me prioritize my time and figure out what is truly important to me.

Emily A.
Emily A. Mom & Master baker, Brighton, CO

I've had a private practice for nearly thirty-five years and ...  And I'm very happy to say (that) you are wonderful at expressing ideas and framing them in very helpful ways. I really do enjoy your work...

Nan B.
Nan B. Licensed Clincal Social Worker, OKC, OK

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