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Kirsty B. Kirsty B., Mom of four, Armed Forces Member & Owner of Bonjour Quilts, Brisbane, Australia

Whitney is a game-changer!  She trains you in a wildly effective system that is amazingly simple and flexible to use.  A system that helps you get your life, your career, even your passions (you know... the ones you aren't following right now) in order.  You'll be forever mindful of where you spend your most precious asset - your TIME!

Jaime G. Jaime G., Graphic Designer, Softball Consultant, Golden, CO

In the past, I was stuck wondering “what is next or what’s to come”, it was so hard for me to enjoy life in the moment. Whitney helped me shift my way of thinking and prioritize what is truly important, free up time for me, allowing me to run my business & live life on my terms.

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