7 Ways To Get Your Time Management Back On Track

TIME MANAGEMENT ON TRACKWe’ve all done this…

  • Committed to concentrating on better self-care (or insert other habit or goal you’ve kicked around);
  • Devised a great no-fail plan to get you to your goal;
  • Followed your plan (good for you if you made it through the week!);
  • Got off track (ooops! there’s always tomorrow);
  • BUT then completely fell off the wagon entirely the next week (telling yourself it wasn’t good timing).

Sound familiar?

Effective time-management is necessary to accomplish goals, AND is critical to get a good work-life balance. Yet, the idea of long-term time management can elude the best of us.

So when you have recognized that you are off track with your time-management, here are 7 ways to get back on track.

1. Schedule your habits around your calendar or current behavior

Depending on your style, you may have to be flexible in how you create your schedule. If you rely heavily on your calendar to move forward through your week then take the time to add your new priorities to your calendar. If you are not so calendar-centric, then find behaviors that you perform on a daily or weekly basis. For instance, if you want to call more family members, set up your bluetooth and call on the commute home.

2. Stick to it, even if it’s only a little bit

Once you realize what you want to do on a regular basis then stick to it. If you want to write, then write for 5 minutes and then stop. Even for that short time period, you will feel like you’ve accomplished progress and can build on this momentum.

3. Have someone who will hold you accountable

It’s easy to bury a goal if you keep it a secret. Tell others who will be willing to follow up on your progress in order to increase your willpower to achieve.

4. Focus on what you have; not what you don’t have

Effective time management has a lot to do with not wasting time. Stressing about what we don’t have and what’s not yet available to us is a huge waste of time. Got 20 minutes before you have to leave to grab the kid from school? Think of small, simple tasks (things you could tackle in 2 minutes or less). You’ll feel super accomplished and the small “distracting” tasks will be off your plate so you can concentrate on the bigger projects later. Start with what you have a build from there.

5. Choose progress over perfection

Having a diet where you eat nothing but chicken and green leafy vegetables 7 days a week, but slipped up 2 days last week? Got a marketing plan that says you need to contact 10 new customers 7 days a week, but you only called 5 a day for 5 days? Not hitting a goal can be pretty disappointment. But, this all or nothing thinking for attaining goals can set us up for failure. Introduce changes slowly for lasting success.

6. Set up an environment of success

If you are looking to eat healthy, don’t keep junk food in the house. If you need to crank out a big work project, don’t have your email box open. This idea applies to any other goals. If you are looking to increase your time, set up your priorities where you can access them often (and moreover don’t have easy access to the things that might derail you).

7. Work on what you care about first

Time management is really priority management, and in order to feel satisfied you have to work on satisfying things. Put what you care about (or what’s most important) at the top of your list, check these off first, and your day will feel fulfilled at the start (not to mention you’ll be super prepared if things hit the fan!).

Next time you feel like you’ve stumbled with planning your week, or fell off the wagon entirely with progress towards a goal, work the 7 steps above as a little mental checklist to make sure you are truly setting your time-management up for success. I’ll bet you find that progress becomes easy when you break things up into baby steps and priorities you care about.



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