4 Time-Leveraged Workout Tools to Get Your Booty in Gear

BOOTY IN GEARSpring is finally here! And if you are like me, you are happy to see the end of snow shoveling season.

It also reminds us of tank tops, shorts and swimsuits that we will eventually have to wear.


In front of other people.

If you’re starting to stress, you’re not alone

There are plenty of reasons people fail to make the time for healthy changes (especially during the winter months): lack of space to workout in, no system to follow, accountability, and not getting quick results, to name a few.

Now is the time to stop making these excuses and start making changes.  Nothing dramatic (this isn’t bootcamp… yet), but these little hot tips will get you started and help keep you on track:

  • Use some time-management habits and you can give yourself that space you need to get the workout in.
    • Got a crazy commute that just kills your day (and motivation)?  Designate time at work a few times a week to go to a drop-in gym class or find a local park.  Research shows a mid-day workout is great for healthy and happier employees.
    • Have kids in school or daycare? Try taking them a little early and picking them up a little later–use that time to get some extra walking or jogging in (this is my go to!). If you can include them in your quick workouts, even better! You get the exercise you need and they burn that seemingly endless energy, ensuring a great night’s sleep for everyone.
  • Most of us are tied to our phones and never realize how it can help us get healthy.
    • Fitstar Personal Trainer is a system that brings the knowledge and experience of a personal trainer to you at the touch of a finger–without costing a fortune and giving you the freedom to set your own schedule. Moreover, this little gem will keep you on your toes with new moves to help you continually make progress.  For just $39 a year ($7.99/mth) you have access to daily or weekly fitness plans that come with full instructional videos. More interested in yoga? They have yoga as well.
  • Having trouble keeping yourself accountable?
    • Most people do, that’s why there is the Jawbone UP wristband and app. It provides you with accountability by tracking your progress and keeping you updated. Consistency is key and this little guy tracks everything-food, sleep, activity, weight, and body fat. Fitbit is another one stop shop that keeps you motivated and on track.
  • While there is no shortcut to getting healthy results,
    • The MyFitnessPal app provides you with calories burned, nutrition tracking, and miles logged (running, biking, walking, you name it!). A simple upgrade to MVP gives you personal coaching. Even better, this app communicates with Jawbone UP for a one stop app that monitors it all.  The best feature about MyFitnessPal is that it wards off boredom.  Need a new route?  Traveling? Use the route finder to find new routes to explore. Using any of these apps will provide you with options, which are vital to your success.

The bottom line is that your health needs to be a priority

Just walking every day can increase your lifespan. By making small changes and building on them, over time you will notice you’re not as stressed, your productivity and energy have increased, you will feel better and as a result, your personal relationships will improve as well.

Life’s short, so make shi(f)t happen!


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